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When a business starts sometimes the end game is not always clear. The team at Accounting Professionals work with start-up businesses and new business owners to identify what they want to be known for what products and services they should supply, to which customers, for what prices, using what resources, through which sales channels and establish a clear value proposition for the business.

Whether you trade as a sole trader, partnership, trust, or company will depend on a range of factors including:

  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • GST
  • Business partners
  • Cost of establishment; and 
  • Risk of legal liability

The team at Accounting Professionals will identify the best structure given your circumstances and advise when it may be time to review your structure

We can review your proposed or existing pricing structures/model and advise you on:

  • Whether the pricing model will generate enough profit and cashflow to ensure the business is financially viable
  • Discuss different pricing models to increase profits and sales; and 
  • Review the potential for different pricing models for different sales channels ie pricing for online sales and shop front sales.

We review the best worker model for your business and industry. Business growth and profitability can be impacted significantly depending on whether the business relies on full-time employees, casual or part time employees, contractors, or business associates. 

At Accounting Professionals we can advise you on the tax, contractual, government incentives and financial implications of the different worker models.

Being a start-up business ourselves 25 years ago and advising 100’s of successful start-up businesses since, we understand the ingredients to take a start-up business from small beginnings to either sustaining a family or building multi-million-dollar enterprises, depending on the goals and aspirations of the owners. 

We work with you to understand your goals for the business and proactively work with you to achieve these goals. 

If you have an accounting system in place our team can provide training, so you are getting the most out of your system and it is always accurate and up to date. 

If you need assistance in choosing a system, then we will advise the system that is best for you and your business after considering your industry, what you want to do on the system and your financial budget.

We will review your current tax structures, including the way transactions are structured and completed to ensure the business is gaining the maximum tax benefit and accessing all the government incentives available. 

For start-ups we have experts in the R & D concessions and ESIC entitlements to ensure the business is structured correctly and all your record keeping is accurate and up to date to maximise any incentive claim.

As start-up business experts we will identify the latest state and federal government incentives available to your business and industry.

We act as an independent sounding board for a business marketing strategy and plan and make recommendations about potential target markets, provide introductions to other businesses, and seek advice from our consultant marketing and branding consultants where the need arises. 

We are always pleased to review the financial budget for marketing to assess the benefit and ROI on marketing dollars spent.

The most successful start-up businesses have clear financial goals that identify the income to the business and the outgoings, generally for a period 12 months in advance.

A financial budget will allow the business to confirm the initial capital and income needed to survive the first 12 months, often the most vulnerable time for many businesses. 

We can assist in preparing the business’ first budget and identify the key numbers the business needs to focus on to be successful.

We are small business tax specialists. Accounting Professionals support you to ensure you lodge tax forms and pay tax on time. Our team can keep you abreast of tax obligations for:

  • GST
  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Land Tax
  • And more

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