Improve your cash to achieve your goals

People go into business to get freedom and independence, but most business owners are trained to do the work, not trained to own or manage a business.

They don’t want the biggest or most successful business in the world, but the result is often a business that is:

•    more stressful;

•    more time consuming than a job;

•    pays less than a job while taking on far more risk; and

•    Struggles to grow.

Our focus at Accounting Professionals is to help you achieve financial and lifestyle freedom, while focusing on achieving your personal and business goals.

What are your goals?

Goals aren’t revenue or profit, they’re not even the cash in your bank account – goals are what the cash allows you to do, what motivates you to make your business better.

For some, it might be the Maserati or the motorbike, the caravan or the overseas holiday each year. For others, it could just be the freedom to work less and spend more time with the family, or maybe you just want to pay off the home loan faster to be able to wind back.

AP Director, Nick Fitzgerald explains key strategies needed to achieve financial freedom

What is the Cash Improvement Program?

Through our Cash Improvement Program, we work with you to improve your cash position so you can achieve your goals.

We do this by:

  • Setting and understanding your personal and business goals;
  • Setting targets and key performance indicators to track – we think there’s usually only about 5 key numbers most business owners need to know;
  • Determining the strategies and plans to implement;
  • Measuring, monitoring and managing your progress against these plans;
  • Reviewing the results, making sure you are on track and then constantly going back to the start to re-assess your goals; and, most importantly
  • Making sure you are focused on the areas that will drive the greatest benefit.

Business Focus

Most significant business improvement doesn’t happen by chance and doesn’t come from one key area.

Focusing on the one percent, just like in sport, is critical – we help you find the one per-center’s that add up to 100% business improvement.

Surrounding yourself with mentors that go on the journey with you is critical in business – you don’t have to do it all alone.

Need help?

If you would like to discuss your business or cash flow issues contact us for a confidential discussion.