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"We built trust with Accounting Professionals and haven’t look back since."

The Challenge

Founded by brothers Clinton and Mark O’Connor, Grand Pacific Homes has been in business for over 13 years, specialising in custom design homes. With over 14 employees, they experienced all the usual growing pains of a family-owned and operated business before turning to Accounting Professionals for help four years ago.

Typical of many new businesses in their early years, Grand Pacific Homes began with a range of independent software products and systems to help them manage and control their business finance and activities. But as Grand Pacific Homes started growing rapidly, they began to struggle with ad-hoc systems and internal processes all trying to work together.

As the business had advanced to such an extent over the past decade, Clinton and Mark realised they would soon be disadvantaged against its competitors if they did not adopt an integrated software solution.

They were also in need of a trusted business advisor to work with to help them continue to grow as well as keep up to date on new technologies and advancements.

The Solution

  • After analysing GPH’s current situation the team at Accounting Professionals recommended moving to a software solution that would bring all their different information needs together in a single view and, at the same time, streamline and improve internal processes. 
  • Clinton and Mark also started taking advantage of Accounting Professionals comprehensive range of business advisory and development services
“We catch up monthly to talk about all aspects of our business and what we need to do to grow and to achieve the goals we set ourselves.We look at profitability, forecasting, technology, recruitment and marketing.”
“If they don’t know the answer themselves, they have a lot of partners in the right fields they work with that can help us out and get us to where we need to get to.”

The Results

  • GPH has a program in place now which helps their office staff work together through one software program, helping streamline internal processes.
  • Accounting Professionals continues to help GPH improve and grow through business strategy and technology solutions. 


“We see ourselves as a front runner in the building industry particularly in custom design homes and design and construct. We want to keep doing what we are doing well.”


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