GN Williams

“If you are a small business wanting to grow to the next level, I couldn't recommend Accounting Professionals highly enough to help you keep growing each step of the way."

The Challenge

Established in 1996, GN Williams design and build award winning custom homes. Brad and his business partner Matt approached Accounting Professionals 10 years ago when they were looking for help to not only grow their business but also provide them with financial security and the right structure for asset protection and tax.

“We had a smaller accountant at the time, but we weren’t entirely happy. Going from a smaller firm to a team with Mark as the head of that team was a big difference from day one.”

“Accounting Professionals have been working with us for over 10 years. In that time they have helped us with a range of issues. Not just BAS and tax returns, but cash flow, management questions, and supporting us as we’ve continued to grow the business. Mark and his team have always been there for us.”

GN Williams were also looking for help to grow their wealth outside of the business through property development and other investments.

The Solution

  • BAS and tax returns
  • Cash flow management 
  • Asset protection 
  • Wealth creation


“Accounting Professionals has not only helped us with the business side of compliance and keeping us on track, but also from an asset protection point of view for myself and my business partner, Matt.”

“AP has made sure we’re covered on a personal level as well. And structured in the right way so that, as we have grown and developed, we were in the best position and able to go forward.”

The Results

Although the business is still thriving after 25 years in business, Brad and Matt recently announced GN Williams will no longer be taking on new work and will be closing it’s doors at the conclusion of current projects, around mid-2022. They will head in a new direction afforded to them by the success of their business.

“There’s been multiple times over the years where AP has been there for us. Whether it’s been doing our weekly bookkeeping and wages through to developments and acquisitions we have made. Having Mark and his team to be able to bounce ideas off and make sure we are doing the right thing has been invaluable.” 

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