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“When we get together to look at our planning there’s never a question as to the accuracy or integrity of the numbers. All our constructive energy can be spent planning forward and not what’s happened in the past."

Mick Baines, Managing Partner, BaiMed

The Challenge

As a physiotherapist BaiMed’s Managing Partner Mick Baines had learnt a long time to go to stick to his lane and do it well. For Mick that wasn’t spending time doing HR, Finance, Payroll or Tax. 

So, in 2007, when Mick was looking to open a physiotherapy clinic, he met and made the decision to partner with the team at Accounting Professionals. From that moment, he knew he had the right team to help him set up the business and take care of everything he needed to happen. 

“What we’ve found over the years with all the staff at Accounting Professionals is they allow you the time to do what you do best. For most of us in any business that is not finance or business related, it is not doing numbers. Having the team at AP take care of all that meant we could come to work every day and deliver the best quality health care knowing that everything else was taken care of.”

The Solution

  • Business systems and processes
  • Staff recruitment and culture
  • Succession planning


Mick realised early on that staff culture was a huge opportunity for BaiMed. Partnering with an accounting firm with a similar work ethic gave him total confidence in his staff recruitment practices. Over the ensuing years more than 150 staff have worked for BaiMed. Those current and former staff members and their families have now also got a trusted adviser. 

“It’s actually become a recruitment tool for us knowing we have highly qualified professionals that will always do what is right. Our work ethic is to ‘Do good always’ in parallel with AP we are really happy with that.”

The Results

  • 20% year-on-year growth
  • BaiMed Physiotherapy employs almost 100 staff and is the largest practice of its kind in New South Wales.


“In 2007 I was looking to open a physiotherapy clinic and was fortunate enough to meet and work with Mark, Garry, and Angela. From that moment I knew that I had a really strong team in my corner that could set up the business and basically take care of everything I needed to happen. 14 years and 90 staff later, we are the biggest in the state and it is 100% attributable to the support we have received over the years from Accounting Professionals.”

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