Employee management is simpler and more accurate with online timesheets

As technology evolves, so does the way we do business. Tech for small businesses is now affordable and accessible.

Time tracking and scheduling are great examples – cutting-edge, cloud-based options are now available for businesses of any size.

The problem with paper

Paper is far from ideal when it comes to effective time tracking and scheduling – it’s inflexible, takes up valuable employee time, and leaves your business open to time theft.

Worse, paper systems can turn minor errors into major issues. Mis-typing a word or number can cause missed shifts or inaccurate pay, which takes more time and effort to sort out.

The upsides of getting online

  1. Practical, flexible scheduling – With online scheduling, employees can see their upcoming work times, request time off, and pick up new shifts using their mobile phones.
  2. Up-to-the-minute time tracking – Staff can clock on and off, and record breaks using their mobiles. This cuts time-consuming paperwork and records time to the minute – no more rounding up.
  3. Simple, effective communication – With a well-designed tracking system, communication is simple – send out notifications about changes, set up instant overtime alerts and let staff know about open shifts.
  4. Vastly improved visibility – Time is money. With effective tracking, you can see where yours is going. Staff can track their time against specific jobs, helping you itemise bills, quote accurately and justify invoices.
  5. More integration, less administration – Integration lets tracking and scheduling flow into other management systems. Link tracking software with your payroll system, and you no longer need to manually input hours or calculate tax for each team member.

It’s about accessibility, accuracy – and making things easier for you and your people.

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