Business Intelligence and Startup specialist Steve Macdonald appointed

Accounting Professionals are pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Macdonald to our growing Business Advisory Team. Steve is a specialist Business Intelligence (BI) and Startup advisor with recent experience as a BI Consultant to government, large corporates and as a Founder of ecommerce Startup REIZE.

“Steve’s appointment will support our increasing use of technology to achieve outstanding results for clients and in fostering the growth and success of our client’s startup businesses,” said Garry Pinch, Director Business Advisory at Accounting Professionals.

“Steve’s skills in business intelligence will enhance the focus of our strategies in advising clients and allow us to provide the knowledge of BI to our SME clients that is normally only available to large corporates.”

All businesses are being impacted by global trends including the sharing economy (Uber, Airbnb, etc), internet of things, access and transparency of information, online buying & selling trends, privacy & information sharing, flexible work practices, global networks and changes in operational and business models.

“Recent history has indicated any business large or small ignoring these changes will face major challenges which could cause their demise,” Garry explains.

Already commenced with Accounting Professionals Steve will use his deep understanding of Global trends and their impact on business as well as his BI skills and experience to enhance the opportunities available to clients.

“I’m excited to be working with the team at Accounting Professionals to help our clients capitalise on technological advances and innovation to grow their business,” Steve said.

This could be as simple as enhancing online selling outcomes and as complex as developing new business models to enter international markets.

“Our strategy at AP is to highlight these emerging trends to our clients and work with them in developing strategies that invariably involve working with businesses to identify how existing models can be enhanced by adopting new technology driven strategies.”